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Title for A Dance


Title for A Dance is a dance.

Title for A Dance is a dance that can take any meaning.

Title for A Dance is a dance that is constantly changing.

Title for A Dance is a dance that for some is good enough.

Title for A Dance is definitely a dance for all.

Title for A Dance deals with the notion of spectatorship and the power structures it includes. It is constructed around the power dynamics between the observer and the spectacle and it is situated in a mental and physical condition of hostility for both parties. The piece was created in an attempt to alternate the conventional approach of observing performing arts. It aims to integrate the audience into the work as a way to achieve a bodily and collective viewing experience.

Choreography / Performance: Diamanto Hadjizacharia

Costume Designer: Soraya Oronti

Mentor: Mary Nunan

The proposed piece was created during a three-month residency at the Dance House of Nicosia, CY.


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