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would you still love me if I was like this


Now that we’ve come closer

and started to get to know each other

what would you tell me about love?

What do you know?

Did you love?

No? Your eyes say differently.

If we weren’t like this would you still love me?

If we stop being here would you love me like before?

When I see you across from me I love you even more. For real.

Even if you are at a distance.

Your distance.

Concept: Diamanto Hadjizacharia

Choreography: Diamanto Hadjizacharia in collaboration with Marina Sophocleous

Dramaturgy: Demetris Karamanos

Original Music Composition: Alexandra Victoros

Photography: Pavlos Vryonides

Performance: Diamanto Hadjizacharia, Marina Sophocleous

Special thanks to our mentor Pavlos Kountouriotis for his restless support and guidance.

Would you still love me if I was like this displays the necessity of human coexistence and contact through a literal projection of interdependence.

Premiered at Cyprus Choreography Platform 2021, Rialto theatre, Limassol, Cyprus.


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